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Did You Know... Floods are the #1 disaster in the United States.

About Georgia Flood Insurance

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About Georgia Flood Insurance

The rising necessity of flood insurance and the lack of awareness about it are, in part, what precipitated the creation of Georgia Flood Insurance. The need for making flood insurance more readily available and addressing the common misconceptions became apparent after areas of Brevard County in Florida - where parent company, National Flood Insurance, LLC, is based - were severely flooded thanks to the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Fay in 2008. As the flood waters receded, the education about and need for flood insurance rose. Expansion to other states beyond Florida followed shortly thereafter.

Georgia Flood Insurance began serving customers with their flood insurance needs in 2010, and strives to be an industry leader by providing hassle-free flood insurance purchases and maintaining a high-level of customer service. Because Georgia is flood-prone, this makes the service they offer even more valuable to the communities they serve.

We saw a Great Need for Flood Insurance

Tropical Storm Fay may have served up a hefty dose of damage, but it also provided an opportunity to learn. Thanks to Fay, it came to light that flood insurance is far too often overlooked when purchasing a home or business, and many times it isn't even considered until after flood damage has been incurred. Georgia is a state prone to floods, both large and small, and, as many Georgians have discovered, it doesn't take flooding of epic proportions to cause an equally epic amount of damage; as little as an inch of water can produce significant damage that will potentially cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and which can take sometimes years to fix. That's not including any secondary costs such as securing temporary living, business arrangements, or loss of any revenue. All of these costs can quickly add up.

Flood insurance should be given serious consideration before a flood event happens and causes damage. Because flood insurance is a separate entity from a homeowners insurance policy, something which many people are unaware of, it is important that it becomes an integral part of the home- or business-buying process.

Georgia Flood Insurance stands ready to help make purchasing flood insurance a pleasant experience. Please call 1-888-900-0404 to speak with an agent about protecting your home or business from the serious effects of flood events.

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